The Montana Bird Conservation Partnership and the emerging Idaho Bird Conservation Partnership have been awarded $65,000 for implementation of bird monitoring on private and riparian lands in Bird Conservation Region 10. Funds will be used to assess bird distribution and abundance on these traditionally under-sampled lands. These data will also be used by MBCP partners for bird-habitat modeling and development of Decision Support Tools. Support from the GNLCC will allow us to fill gaps in existing data identified by the Intermountain West Joint Venture, Montana Bird Conservation Partnership, and other leaders in conservation science in the Northern Rocky Mountains. Funds will also be used to strengthen a science-based Idaho conservation partnership to increase communication and collaboration among bird conservation partners in Idaho and the region.

This is the second year of funding from the GNLCC for this work. In 2010, the MBCP was awarded $35,000 for bird monitoring in the Montana portion of Bird Conservation Region 10. Field sampling is ongoing and anticipated to continue through at least 2015. For more information on our Integrated Monitoring by Bird Conservation Region project, click here. >>