Conservation priorities

Coordinated All-bird Monitoring

Monitoring is a valuable tool for assessing the effects of conservation action on bird populations.We assess current bird population status andevaluate species adaptations to habitat, management, and climate changes. Statewide current bird monitoring activities include:

  • Integrated Bird Monitoring by Bird Conservation Region — a broad-scale landbird monitoring program
  • Colonial-nesting Waterbird Surveys — a westwide program coordinated by U.S. Fish &Wildlife Service
  • Various special species projects.

Strategic Habitat Conservation

The Montana Bird Conservation Partnership is implementing Strategic Habitat Conservation as a framework for conservation action. We use science to define biological planning, such as identifying focal species and setting regional population objectives. We collaborate with analysts to prepare spatially-explicit maps linking populations to specific habitats as part of conservation design. Resource specialists in our partnership work to deliver conservation programs to affect on-the-ground habitat maintenance and restoration. Lastly, we assess the success of conservation action and refine models and planning tools through research and monitoring.