Focal species

Working from the Montana Bird Conservation Plan, workshop participants identified the top 2-4 focal species (or groups) within each Bird Conservation Region for targeted short to mid-term action.  Flagship species, defined as those species that represent a specific issue or habitat and engender public support because of their conspicuousness or unique attributes, were highlighted.

Other criteria for focal species selection included availability of data on population and threats, importance of Montana to the species’ range, and the possibility of leveraging resources.  Workshop participants found it difficult to restrict the list in BCR10; therefore, we identified the top 2-4 focal species by major habitat type within the BCR.


FOCAL SPECIES Flagship species highlighted in red
Badlands and Plains (BCR17)
Greater sage grouseFerruginous hawkRed-headed woodpeckerBaird’s SparrowSprague’s Pipit
McCown’s LongspurChestnut-collard LongspurBurrowing OwlMountain PloverLark Bunting
Long-billed Curlew
Prairie Pothole (BCR11)
Northern pintailBaird’s SparrowSprague’s PipitMcCown’s LongspurChestnut-collard Longspur
Burrowing OwlMountain PloverLark BuntingFerruginous HawkLong-billed Curlew
Black ternGreater sage grouse
Northern Rocky Mountains (BCR10): Low elevation dry forest
Flammulated owlLewis’ woodpecker
Northern Rocky Mountains (BCR10): Older forest
Northern GoshawkBlack-backed woodpecker
Northern Rocky Mountains (BCR10): High elevation/alpine
Clark’s nutcrackerBlack swiftRosy-finchesPtarmigan
Northern Rocky Mountains (BCR10): Grassland
Long-billed CurlewShort-eared owlSharp-tailed grouse
Northern Rocky Mountains (BCR10): Shrub/steppe
Brewer’s SparrowSage ThrasherGreater Sage Grouse
Northern Rocky Mountains (BCR10): Wetlands/lake
Trumpeter swanCommon LoonAmerican bitternBlack tern
Northern Rocky Mountains (BCR10): Riparian
Harlequin duckWillow flycatcher